3 April 2020


A week on after the start of lockdown...

It is possible that the novelty of lockdown may have worn off. This leaves us with the challenge of maintaining patterns of work, relaxation and wellbeing.  Searching the internet for support and guidance may, in itself, add to the confusion as the amount of ‘help’ is potentially overwhelming.  Mental health charities have, however, met the need brilliantly, producing a lot of different resources and we intend, on a regular basis, to share with you support that we feel might be useful.  Of course, what suits one person may not suit another and we trust that you will free to access what is helpful and ignore what is not.

Following the on-going update of support we will also maintain a list of valuable links to other providers which we hope cover a range of the issues that may be of concern.

To begin with, some light relief; if you haven’t yet come across the work of Charlie Macksey then now might be the time; as Miranda Hart notes on the back cover of ‘The Boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse’, “Simply, the world needs Charlie’s work right now”. 


Following a similar theme, in a tweet over the weekend, @charliemacksey shared this beautiful landscape:



He noted: “I painted this in Scotland during a time of dark skies and endless storms. One morning the clouds broke for a minute and it felt like hope. The blue sky is always there - we just can’t see it sometimes.”   Wise words.

‘The Boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse’

Charlie Macksey  2019   ISBN: 978-1-52910-510-0


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Posted by David Hilton

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