7 April 2020

Carl Hendrick – researchED, Haninge, Feb 4th 2019

This video presentation considers the issues around research within schools and the fact that schools are moving away from the belief that there is no expectation for teachers to systematically engage with research.

Carl identifies the key issues of the recent past: teachers being given answers to questions that they haven’t asked, lack of quality assurance of research advice and the distance between researchers and the classroom.

He then considers how research can move ’into’ schools, how evidence can be gathered and how a common language needs to be established. He then considers the idea of a research lead within the school. He looks at models of research within school.

Carl makes an interesting point about the grumpy teacher who states “Why should we listen to research? We did this ten years ago and now you are saying it’s wrong and we should now do this!” He agrees! And he considers how this view is addressed.

He considers where we find the research, how we use texts, blogs, podcasts, webpages and how little time is given to the formal research publication.

An easy to watch presentation and Carl has an easy style. This would be a vital watch for any school looking to go further in developing research as a core principle.

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