“Teaching should start from where the student is, not from where we would like them to be.” says education professor Dylan Wiliam in this episode of Trialled and Tested, introducing how formative assessment strategies can be used in the classroom.  This podcast explores the process and practice involved in Dylan's 'Embedding Formative Assessment' programme. Colleagues from the Education Endowment Foundation, SSAT and a KS4 teacher explain what the programme looks like in practice and the research that confirms the improved progress that students achieve.  The programme is a two year commitment to develop a teacher based learning community; this will include monthly meetings of 75 minutes in addition to the implementation of agreed actions by teachers (to their peers) in between sessions.  This is a process of choice, flexibility, small steps, accountability and support that focuses on a change in habits and not knowledge acquisition.  What this podcast doesn't do is explain the programme in detail; there is, however, the opportunity to download a free workshop from Dylan's website at dylanwiliancenter.com.


Blog by Andy Redman (ALT)


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