Over the past couple of years, LSAs at Neale-Wade have completely changed the way they work compared to the way we used to work.  There is more intervention, mentoring and generally the taking of more personal responsibility within the department, and around the Academy.  I just wanted to let you know that by completing the PSLBA course, I think we all now realise the benefit of using the leadership skills learned on the course.  Confidence has grown among the staff in the department and tasks that would have seemed daunting before are now taken on without a second thought.  Students are now gaining from the added support offered to them.  SEN students are making progress and year 11s have been mentored right up to the exams, to make the most of all support offered to get them through a challenging time in their lives.  I think the LSAs generally have a much higher feeling of self-worth in the school, especially the people that completed the course.

Lorna Sheriff
Teaching Assistant Co-Ordinator at Neale-Wade Academy