The Active Learning Trust has announced the approved relocation of Ravensmere Infant School to the Albert Pye site, following a successful consultation with the local community. This strategic move, approved by the Department for Education’s Regional Director, will take place  in time for the new school year starting on Thursday, 5th September 2024.

Following the relocation, the schools will continue to be known as The Albert Pye and Ravensmere Schools Federation.

The consultation, conducted several months ago, sought the views of parents, staff, and local residents. Feedback was positive, highlighting the community's support for enhancing educational facilities and opportunities for their children.

Lynsey Holzer, CEO of the Active Learning Trust, shared her thoughts about the move: "This relocation is an exciting milestone for our schools. By bringing Ravensmere Infant School to the Albert Pye site, we are creating a more integrated and resource-rich environment for all of our pupils. Our commitment to providing high-quality education remains our priority, and we are excited about the opportunities this move will create for our community."

To ensure a smooth transition, various activities will be arranged for Ravensmere children over the coming weeks. All pupils will adopt the green uniform currently worn at Albert Pye, and to support this change, every existing Ravensmere pupil will receive a new sweatshirt free of charge before the new term begins.

While the future use of the Ravensmere site is still under consideration, the Trust will keep the community informed of any developments. Additionally, the schools’ websites are being combined into a single platform, offering all necessary information about The Albert Pye and Ravensmere Schools Federation. Ravensmere’s existing website, social media channels, and contact details will remain active until the end of this term.

To avoid disruption to pupils, all relocation-related work will be conducted during the summer holidays. The focus remains on delivering exceptional education throughout the rest of the summer term. In celebration of the move, a special Ravensmere Relocation Party will be held before the end of the term to commemorate and celebrate the memories of Ravensmere Infant School.

The relocation promises many benefits for the Ravensmere and Albert Pye school communities, including enhanced facilities, a vibrant learning environment, and streamlined operations for families with children at both schools. By addressing the challenges of the compact Ravensmere site, the move will provide more space for recreational activities, physical education, and a seamless Primary School journey.

All staff currently based at Ravensmere will relocate.

Mrs. Aldous, Executive Headteacher at The Albert Pye Primary School & Ravensmere Infant School Federation, said: “This is a really positive move for our schools and I am excited for our pupils to realise the many benefits that our pupils will experience as a result of this transition.”

Lynsey Holzer added, “I look forward to watching the continued success of The Albert Pye and Ravensmere Schools Federation as we enter this exciting period in their development and I would like to thank the entire community for their continued support.”