The Active Learning Trust is excited to announce a proposal to relocate one of its schools, Ravensmere Infant School, onto the site of another of its schools, Albert Pye Primary School.

Both schools serve the community of the market town of Beccles, and this initiative aims to build on the strong foundation of collaboration between the two schools, which form the Albert Pye and Ravensmere Schools Federation. Ultimately, enhancing the educational journey for pupils.

Ravensmere Infant School's current site limitations have prompted this strategic move. The proposed relocation to Albert Pye's Frederick's Road site, approximately 1 mile away, presents a solution to these challenges.

The move is poised to further enhance the educational experience for Ravensmere pupils following the school’s recent “Good” Ofsted rating. Most notably, offering these pupils access to spacious playing fields and ample outdoor areas, facilitating playtime and physical education. The shift to year-group specific classes from mixed-age groups will also ensure smoother transitions and a more focused learning approach.

Additionally, the move has been designed with the community in mind, streamlining the drop-off and pick-up process for families with children at both schools , fostering a vibrant and collaborative learning community. Importantly, the essence of Ravensmere's nurturing environment will be preserved, even as part of a larger, combined school setting.

Regarding the future of Ravensmere Infant School's existing site, plans will be shaped by several factors, including community feedback to ensure that it continues to serve the local community for educational purposes, further reinforcing its commitment to educational excellence and community engagement.

The Active Learning Trust is keen on involving the community in this decision-making process. It invites feedback on the proposed relocation through a drop-in event at Albert Pye Primary School on Thursday 14th March, from 4pm-6pm. You can also find out more via the school's website and social media channels, where you can access the consultation survey online until 12 noon on 28th March 2024.

Lynsey Holzer, The Active Learning Trust’s Chief Executive Officer said, “As outlined in our proposal, moving Ravensmere Infant School to the Albert Pye Primary School site would provide many new opportunities to benefit our pupils. We are delighted to share the details of these proposed plans and we are looking forward to engaging everyone within the school’s communities, and the wider Beccles community, in this process.” 

Rae Aldous, Executive Headteacher for Ravensmere Infant School and Albert Pye Primary School added, “This is an exciting time for our schools and we hope to welcome many local people to our drop-in session in March to discuss the proposal in person”.

To find out more and access the survey please click here.