As part of International Women's Day on 8th March, we're celebrating some of the inspirational women working across The Active Learning Trust.

Louise Creed - Head of School, Grove Primary School

Louise Creed joined the Active Learning Trust in 2013, working as an NQT at Westwood Primary School. She played a pivotal part in moving the school from special measures to securely 'Good' in all areas.

Since then, she has worked in a range of leadership roles, becoming Assistant Headteacher at Grove Primary School in 2019 and then Head of School at Grove Primary School in March 2021 where she once again secured 'Good' outcomes for the school for the first time in the school's history.

Despite a rapid and impressive career progression, Louise’s background has been a challenging one, so she is keen to emphasise that her drive to succeed has been underpinned by supportive friends, family and female colleagues.

“15 years ago, some life events led to me being homeless, with three small children. I knew that I had to change something, as I didn’t want to be a victim, so I started volunteering in a nursery setting and it grew from there” she said.

“It was inspirational women like Jackie Cutchey and Rae Aldous who encouraged me to believe in myself and push for the next level. I knew that I wanted to show my children a better way of life, so I worked day and night, teaching and studying (and occasionally sleeping!) to make it happen.”

An outstanding teacher, role model and champion of supporting other women, Louise is passionate about creating a community where all children can be successful and can support each other to become active learners, leaders and citizens. 

Widely recognised throughout the Trust as an outstanding teacher, Louise's strengths include improving pupil outcomes, rapid and sustained school improvement, strategic planning, people management and growing leaders. She is also an Associate Leader for the Trust and is in the process of completing her NPQH. She’s fondly regarded as an inspiration to her colleagues, always keen to encourage them in their own development journeys. 

Rae Aldous, Executive Head at Westwood and Grove Primary said “It’s been a privilege to watch and support Louise along her career journey. She was our first Associate Trust Leader for KS2 outcomes and has completed various qualifications including Maths Lead Practitioner and NASENCo. She never stops wanting to learn and is currently studying for her NPQH. Her drive and passion for teaching is incredible and she’s a huge asset to this Trust.”

When asked whether Louise has any spare time for hobbies, she’s quick to respond “Work-life balance is very important to me, so I make sure that I carve out time for socialising, relaxing, enjoying live music and rugby”. 

Louise added “Wellbeing is a priority for the Trust, and we have a great wellbeing service at school, so I’ve always felt supported here. I can’t imagine leaving the Trust, as there is still so much to look forward to (development-wise).”

In her closing comments, she mused “I’m flattered to be told that I inspire others. I think it’s all about self-belief and determination, but equally, I know that I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the support of some equally inspirational women.”