Staff and pupils at Kingsfield Primary School are celebrating the results of their latest Ofsted inspection which judged the school to be ‘Good’ in all areas.

The school, which is part of The Active Learning Trust, had the accolade of being rated ‘Good’ across all five key areas within Ofsted’s framework – quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management and early years provision.

The judgement highlights significant improvements that have been made since its last full inspection in 2019.

The report, which was published this week, stated: “Pupils are well cared for at this welcoming and inclusive school. Pupils enjoy their learning. They find it fun and interesting. They are curious and always want to find out more. Pupils know that staff care for them.”

The school was praised for providing pupils with a safe and supportive learning environment, with the report stating: “The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Leaders place high importance on keeping pupils safe. Systems are robust for identifying the needs of pupils. Staff receive regular training especially for issues that arise in the local community. Staff know what to look for and report any concerns.”

The report added: “Leaders make appropriate checks before staff begin working with pupils. Pupils understand how to keep themselves safe both in and out of school.”

Headteacher at Kingsfield Primary School, Kate Coates, said: “Over the last few years, we have all worked extremely hard and invested a lot of time and energy into improving standards across the school, which I am delighted to see has now been reflected in this Ofsted report.


“I am grateful for the hard work and dedication of my colleagues, both in our school and across The Active Learning Trust. They are committed to providing an enjoyable, supportive and encouraging environment in which our children are able to thrive.


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate our pupils, staff, parents and the wider community for their support in helping us to achieve such a positive outcome – I can’t wait for us to build on this success further.”

Staff at the school were praised for their devotion to their roles. The report stated: “Strong leadership has brought about significant improvements in the quality of education. New leaders strive to ensure that all pupils receive a high-quality education offer. Staff training is effective. It has contributed well to building a cohesive team that is taking this school from strength to strength.”

“The trust provides appropriate support and challenge through the interim executive board. They check the work of leaders so that their actions have a positive impact upon improving the school. Working with leaders, the trust has provided timely professional development which has built the capacity of school team. Staff appreciate the support leaders provide for their workload and well-being.”

Inspectors, who visited the school during the summer term, stated that: “Staff have high expectations of pupils and want pupils to achieve well. Pupils know the school motto, ‘Ready, respectful and safe’. They say it helps them to understand how they should work with one another while at school.”

The arrangements for SEND pupils at the school were also reported as being effective with the report stating: “Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are well supported. Leaders work alongside teachers to ensure that pupils’ needs are met well. At times, pupils receive extra help to ensure that they are ready to learn. Pupils with SEND have the same opportunities as their peers to succeed and achieve well.”

Craig D’Cunha, Acting Chief Executive Officer of The Active Learning Trust, said: “This well-deserved ‘Good’ Ofsted rating is recognition of the hard work and commitment of Mrs Coates and all her staff at Kingsfield Primary School. I am pleased that the numerous opportunities available at the school for pupils has been highlighted, supporting our vision of enabling schools to deliver high levels of achievement for all pupils, allowing them to thrive and lead in their communities. As we continue to work together, we are excited for the future.”