3 December

The Suffolk based primary school joined the Active Learning Trust in October 2016, converting to academy status. The school was previously judged as ‘Good’ in June 2013, making this the school’s first inspection as an academy.

In the report, the inspector particularly praised the leadership of the school and credited the headteacher and leadership team with upholding the quality of education on offer at the school. The inspector stated: “You have established a team of effective leaders that share your approaches and ambitions for every pupils’ achievement. Together with your leadership team, you work tirelessly to provide pupils with the best opportunities to develop their individual skills and talents.”

The inspector also commended the support of the school’s governing body, stating: “The local governing board is effective and has a good understanding of the aims of the trust in helping the school improve.”

Mrs Mills, Headteacher at Albert Pye Community Primary School, said: “I am delighted that we have maintained our ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted. Every one of my colleagues is dedicated to providing the best education possible for our pupils and it is great to see their hard work and commitment recognised in the report. Since joining the Active Learning Trust, we have continued to provide new and exciting opportunities for both our staff and pupils and the support of the Trust has been invaluable. I am thrilled that our school is maintaining its high standards for our students.”

The inspector stated that the school had made good use of the Trust’s expertise and support, helping to improve the quality of teaching at Albert Pye. Chief Executive of the Active Learning Trust, Gary Peile, said: “Our Trust was absolutely delighted when the Albert Pye/Ravensmere Federation voted to join us, and it is great to see that Ofsted has confirmed that the school remains a good school.

“I also want to highlight the broad and balanced curriculum that Albert Pye provides to its pupils and the determination of all staff, supported by a great parent body, to ensure that every pupil can access their learning to aid their development as young people.”

The report went on to praise the school’s curriculum, stating: “Pupils speak highly about the things they learn at school, not only academically but also socially. Teachers make use of the ‘fizzing curriculum’ to motivate pupils’ learning through real-life experiences. There is a well-planned progression that builds on pupils’ skills as they move through the school.”

The report also highlighted the support of parents, who praised the school for helping to develop their child’s love for learning. The inspector said: “Parents are very positive about the school. They recognise that school staff are approachable, friendly and responsive to concerns. Parents appreciate the work of leaders, who put on events and meetings to help them support their children at home.”

Albert Pye was commended for providing a safe, caring and tolerant environment at school. The inspector reported: “You have created an inclusive and nurturing environment. Pupils’ social and emotional well-being is supported through your highly effective nurture team. Safeguarding is effective.”

The inspector felt that pupils’ behaviour in school was strong, reporting: “Pupils value their relationships with their teachers. They are confident that they keep them safe and are comfortable talking to them about any concerns. Pupils understand different forms of bullying and consider that it is rare at their school.”

To work towards an ‘Outstanding’ rating, the school will now focus on ensuring that teachers are providing a range of activities that extend the most able students, as well as making sure reading books are matched well to pupils’ abilities.