Ofsted inspectors visited the school in February and have praised the newly appointed leaders for making positive changes to the school. Inspectors specifically highlighted Reydon Primary School’s new headteacher, Jo Viner, stating she has been “instrumental in creating an ethos of high expectations”.

Jo Viner, Headteacher at Reydon Primary School, commented: "I speak on behalf of the whole school when I say that we are delighted with the outcome of our February Ofsted visit. This is our first report since we joined the Active Learning Trust in April 2015 and the school has progressed tremendously since that time.”

The report recognised that since joining the Active Learning Trust, staff, governors and trustees have been working hard to ensure that high standards are maintained throughout the school.

Jo continued: “It’s so rewarding to see that Ofsted commended our school for its effective leadership, strong safeguarding and improved standards in children’s work and behaviour, and of our in-depth understanding of the strengths and improvements needed for the school to reach this high-quality result. The support offered from the other schools within the Active Learning Trust has also been invaluable in ensuring that all of our children continue to make good progress and achieve the standards they are capable of.”

The report highlights the good behaviour and strong community atmosphere at Reydon Primary School stating the school “is a caring community where adults are good role models for pupils, and where pupils care for each other. Pupils treat each other respectfully and older pupils often care for younger pupils.” This was further reflected with high attendance and rare cases of bullying.

Gary Peile, Chief Executive of the Active Learning Trust: “We are delighted that the Ofsted team has provided such a positive report on Reydon Primary. It has highlighted the great work both of Jo Viner and her team, as well as that of the Trust, which is having an instrumental effect on the change at the school since it became an academy.”

Gary continued: “It was great to see that the inspectors found the support and challenge effective across the school, with pupils treating adults and pupils with respect. I hope all the parents and carers of pupils at Reydon are proud of the achievements of their children as we are of the whole school.”

Reydon Primary School’s success has also been recognised by parents and carers. Parents feel the school is a caring environment for their child, with one parent stating, “Staff are always willing to provide time to discuss any worries or concerns with a parent and will always do their best to address any problems”.

Early years was applauded for its close work and involvement with parents and carers to support the children. The inspectors also felt staff “know the children well and help them to develop habits that support their learning.”

Ofsted reports make judgements on a range of aspects, including: achievements and standards, pupils' development and wellbeing, the quality of teaching and learning, how the curriculum is taught, the care, guidance and support the school provides and how well the school is led and managed.

This school was rated as ‘Good’ in all areas, which are: effectiveness of leadership and management, quality of teaching, learning and assessment, personal development, behaviour and welfare, outcomes for pupils and Early Years provision. In the Ofsted report prior to joining the Active Learning Trust, Reydon Primary School was judged as inadequate overall.

View the full Ofsted report by visiting: www.reydonprimary.org.  Or for more information about the Active Learning Trust, please visit: www.activelearningtrust.org.