Congratulations to our partners Gollifer Langston for their work to gain a London RIBA award.

THE GARDEN SCHOOL was commissioned by London Borough of Hackney LEP, and provides a new learning environment for pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) at the extreme end of the Autistic Spectrum.

The design has involved judging space, colours, robustness, to achieve a balance of calm and secure versus stimulating and sensory spaces.

A ‘flat’ and ‘cafe’ underline the school’s expressed aim of providing pupils with ‘preparation for life’ and an independent future.

It is an honour that The Garden and its contribution to the Architecture of London should be recognised with this Award.

GLA would like to thank the whole team and in particular London Borough of Hackney who were awarded London Client of the year 2014 for their consistent commissioning of education projects in the borough which has had a major transformative effect.