In addition to the considerable skills and expertise available within the Trust, we have a number of partners who have a considerable wealth of experience from other colleagues who support our vision and aims. They are:

Axis12 deliver high quality, enterprise websites using the latest web technology, combined with their unique expertise and experience. They have worked on some of the UK's biggest education sites so know what makes education sites work well.

SLBA is a professional consultancy service committed to securing positive educational outcomes for children and young people through developing leadership at all levels in schools and settings.

Penna is a global HR Services Group. The Trust is delighted to confirm Penna plc as its key partner for the recruitment of senior staff into the Trust.

Gollifer Langston Architects have designed a wide range of buildings in the education sector from Early Years to Post 16. GLA are experienced in client and wider consultation, aware of educational issues, curriculum and teaching methods and combine this with a thorough understanding of current delivery processes for education buildings. The Active Learning Trust are delighted to have the expertise of Gollifer Langston as part of the team who can deliver new quality school provision.

The Linden Learning Network is an association of like-minded consultants who wish to retain their independence whilst working together to ensure continued professional excellence and an in-depth understanding of the children’s services sector. The members of the Network strongly believe that together we can make a greater contribution to improving the lives of children and their families than we can alone. The Network shares the values of the Trust and adds significantly to the capacity of the Trust in all phases of education.

The Cleanslate team has vast hands-on experience of providing strategic advisory and project management services to clients undertaking capital investment and new service development projects in the education, housing, health and regeneration sectors. In the education sector, our track record spans the Free Schools, Academies, Building Schools for the Future and PFI programmes. Working end-to-end across the project lifecycle, we offer our expertise to support the development and delivery of new social infrastructure.

Handsam are the leading provider of online management systems and consultancy services to the education sector. Our software safety net keeps schools and academies up-to-date and compliant with the ever-changing legislation that surrounds the education sector, as well as providing a whole school system solution to put this legislation into practice easily and quickly.

As we move forward we intend to build strategic partnerships with other organisations with a track record of working with schools to assist us in the delivery of our vision and aims.