Scott Gaskins: Littleport & East Cambridgeshire Academy (LECA): The LAL programme has been excellent and certainly stacks up positively against all the other courses I know are available. From LECA’s point of view, it has definitely had an impact and led colleagues on a variety of pathways including data analysis, mentoring, teaching and learning and literacy strategies.

I think the symposium was really refreshing and great to see so many of the Trust there supporting the groups. A real strength for the attendees is being able to work with the Hub leads and senior leadership team directly, which shows the support and investment that the Trust gives.



Mrs Linda Ellis, Deputy Head teacher - Reydon Primary School: My project has been to develop and grow subject leadership within the school in order to embed an effective broad and balanced curriculum, with the key question, how do we evidence progress and attainment in all foundation subjects?

The course has really helped me to take time to reflect and consider my leadership styles, how to change them to influence outcomes and to achieve the aims of my project, whilst taking into account my working relationships with my colleagues. The course has also given me the opportunity to network with colleagues across the Trust to discuss ideas, the different challenges we have faced and to offer and give support. I have had professional dialogue with Head Teachers who have challenged and supported me to think carefully about how to proceed with my project and to really think hard about how best to continue to develop my leadership skills.


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