Professional Development Programme 2019


Developing Great Practice and Great Leadership in Schools


As a group of 21 primary, secondary and special schools, we are all too aware that many schools face difficulties in recruiting and retaining talented members of staff. As a result, we place great emphasis on the personal development of our members of staff, at all levels and stages of their career, and view this area as one of strength for the Trust.

All our schools have a focus on the professional development of staff and clear pathways to leadership are in place for those who wish to pursue them.

We are delighted to have expanded this offer for the 2018/19 academic year to work in collaboration with, and provide focused professional development programmes for, schools and Trusts outside of our Trust. Working in partnership with two excellent organisations - Ambition School Leadership and the Prince’s Teaching Institute – who both have the determination to support teachers in their work at the very heart of everything they do, our programmes offer extensive opportunities for newly qualified teachers through to middle leaders and those aspiring to headship.

This short leaflet is intended to demonstrate how professional development can add value to schools, their teams and their work, and provide colleagues with a clear career path to lead our schools in the future.

Our programmes have unique features in that they:

  • Connect with school priorities and are tailored to need
  • Have a strong evidence base through analysis of successful practice
  • Promote expert challenge as well as support
  • Are practically-based with direct application to improving pupil outcomes
  • Recognise the importance of sustaining improvements over time
  • Are developed in collaboration with senior leaders, who acknowledge the importance of securing excellent CPD to impact on school improvement
  • See all staff as ‘leaders of learning’ in the classroom


Our programme provides:

  • A clear career leadership pathway for all staff including support staff
  • Access to high quality national CPD providers including Ambition School Leadership and the Prince’s Teaching Institute
  • The opportunity to benefit from high quality school to school support
  • A focus to track and evaluate the impact of CPD in schools
  • A route to improve the offer, reporting back on the learning experience
  • An incentive to recruit and retain staff in a climate of reduced resource

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